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Janssen Dental

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What Sets Us Apart



At Janssen Dental, Dr. Ingrid Janssen and team believe the foundation for better dental health is based on mutual trust, respect, communication, and understanding. Our practice provides dental care with honesty, excellence, and integrity. We are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to dentistry that considers both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your smile.


Ours is a dental practice where we put you at the forefront of everything we do. We deliver the highest quality of care and we’re attentive to your comfort and individual concerns. Our team takes pride in building long-term relationships with each person who comes to us for his or her oral healthcare. You will never be another number on a chart to us; instead, we’ll know your name, remember details about your life, and look forward to your visits as a time to hear the latest news from a friend.

It’s essential that you are relaxed and feel at home during your dental visit. From the fireplace in our lobby to the warm blankets and soft pillows in our treatment areas, we want you to feel pampered. If there’s ever anything you need, please let one of our team members know. We’ll be happy to help you out.


Dr. Janssen and each of us understand that some people have dental-related fears. If this is you, we’d like to work with you to help you overcome these fears and develop great dental health. We’ll actively listen to your concerns, and talk with you about the different options available to help move you through the worries. We practice gentle, painless dental care, and all procedures will be performed at a pace you’re comfortable with.


We believe in treating each patient the way we would treat a member of our own family. Through the use of proven, conservative treatments, and an emphasis on preventive care, we will help you develop and maintain great oral health.

We’ll also teach you about dental health, the connection to your body’s overall wellness, and the best ways to ensure both remain strong. We want you to be a knowledgeable advocate for your smile and will give you the necessary tools to do so.


The Janssen Dental office is in Olympia, WA, where we welcome patients from Lacey, Tumwater, and all surrounding communities. We look forward to meeting you and helping you attain optimal oral health, along with a beautiful smile you’ll love to share. Please call to schedule a visit.