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Meet Dr. Ingrid Janssen


"I love the artistry and complexity of dentistry. I get to help wonderful people improve their lives, by helping them achieve optimal oral health and making their smiles bright, clean, and beautiful.  Each day I am presented with new and different cases that involve ethical decision making, continued learning, detailed workmanship, integrity in communication and technical expertise."
"From the beginning of treatment to the delivery of the final product there are hundreds of things that need to be just right for each patient. Many of those things patients never see and probably don't think about, but I enjoy ensuring that everything is excellent through each step of the process. I love taking these puzzle pieces, the clinical needs and the individual’s emotional needs and desired outcome, and making everything come together, perfectly! I've loved doing art and all kinds of crafts since I was young and getting to create lovely smiles is a big bonus to this job."
"I treasure the relationships that develop between our patients and myself. I came to Olympia 25 years ago to practice dentistry and many of the first patients are still with me. I appreciate the privilege of seeing their children grow and their parents age. Our office has flourished mostly by virtue of seeing the friends and co-workers of current patients, who then bring in another few, and so on. We focus on fostering and encouraging the conditions for each patient's lifelong oral health."
"When a patient tries on their new smile for the first time it is often a magical moment. I've seen people's personalities open up and their self-assurance soar from surprisingly easy dental changes. I often get to help people from a functional point, allowing them the ability to chew properly and to enjoy eating for the first time in ages. It tickles us to watch teenagers and grandmas come out of their shell and blossom with the confidence of their new and gorgeous smile. Tears of joy are not uncommon around here! These are the things that make all of the hard work worthwhile."


Dr. Janssen graduated with high academic honors from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1995 and joined the trauma residency program at Minneapolis' level One trauma Hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center. A year later she purchased her current practice, which has grown significantly since 1997. Ingrid keeps current in dentistry at study groups in both Seattle and Tacoma where special cases are presented, and illustrious practitioners pontificate proudly. She absolutely loves delving into intricate and complex cases, and discovering innovative treatment options through the study clubs and clinics she attends.



Ingrid grew up near Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio with her three siblings. Their parents are devoted first generation Americans. She attended Miami University of Ohio and received her science degree in Zoology, with a minor in Psychology. Ingrid followed her brother to Washington in 1984, working for Seafirst Bank and the Kingdome as well as volunteering in a U-district dental office and at the Seattle Crisis Clinic.

Ingrid's greatest joy is her family life. Along with Ken, her husband of 30 years, she manages to keep the children (now teenagers) Taeus and Sophia out of mischief. [full disclosure: actually adults now!] They often have an exchange student or two during the school year and appreciate the continuing international relationships that ensue. There are always lots of pets around the house, though Ingrid and Sophia's love, 'Lola' the Arabian mare, lives at a nearby stable.

Dr. Janssen enjoys adding to her multi-species tooth collection that you'll see at our office. Mushroom hunting in the fall and digging for razor clams at the beach are favorites, as well as organic gardening, singing, oil painting, and most any art or craft you can imagine. Perhaps Ingrid is most happy when she can indulge her passion for travel, whether to a nearby city or mountain wilderness, or a far away cultural experience. Regardless of which pursuit, you can be sure she will be 'busy'!