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"Thank you Dr. Janssen and ALL of your staff for providing such outstanding service! I really appreciate all of you and I am thankful to have stumbled upon you many years ago. You should all be very proud of yourselves for creating such a fantastic environment for your patients. You rock!!"

-- Heather P.


"I had never had a pretty smile.  I was pretty much terrified of the dentist.  I was basically in denial about my dental hygiene and care.  ALL of that changed (and dare I say my life) once I started going to Janssen Dental and being under the care of Dr. Ingrid Janssen.  She took away my fear of a dentist and she got me on track with caring about my dental hygiene and care!!  Once those were accomplished, we started working on her giving me a pretty smile…and that she did!  She took great care in formulating a quite extensive plan for the full restoration of my mouth, my teeth, and yes…my smile.  Over many, many months and many, many hours spent together, often just she, a dental assistant and myself, we worked through the many things that needed to be done.  Dr. Janssen and all of her staff were wonderful through my whole journey and now over 10 years later, she and all of her staff continue to care about me and continue to take very good care of me.  I am very happy that I am a part of the Janssen Dental family!!"                     -- Debbie C.

"I always feel comfortable and relaxed when I am in your chair. I didn't feel this way for years of going to other dentists. Thank you for easing my fears :) and for keeping my family's teeth so healthy."

-- Cyndi V.


"The hygienists are super patient and accommodating to both me and my husband. In the beginning I am holding the arm of the chair so tight that Dr. Janssen would say 'Maria, you can let go of your hand brakes now'. Lol. I love them from wisdom to wisdom, plus Shannon's reminders, because senior brains sometimes forget. Janssen staff you rock also both Judy 'n Julie my awesome hygienists!!"                         -- Maria G.T.

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